‘Asbestos is not a historic problem.’

‘Asbestos is not a historic problem.’

In a recent article Labour MP Rachel Reeves discussed the ongoing issue of asbestos in schools. According to her up to 21,000 schools still have asbestos in them and this number might not even be decreasing. It may actually be on the rise as newly established ‘free schools’ are being housed in old office blocks and other redundant buildings, where there is every chance asbestos was used when constructing them.

This is why Rachel has promised to try and tackle the asbestos plight that is currently in our schools.

In her article she mentions an incident at the J W Textile factory. Though the factory closed in the 50’s the building remained and asbestos dust blew over all the surrounding homes. Hundreds of former employees and local residents have died from asbestos related illnesses. The surrounding areas has been found to have the highest concentration of mesothelioma, a cancer usually linked with asbestos, in the country.

Though, as the title of this article suggests, asbestos is not a historic one. The issue is still very much ongoing. As can be seen in the case of Sue Stephens, a primary school teacher of 30 years who recently died after exposure to asbestos in the classroom. Hers is not a unique case, between 2003 and 2012 it is estimated that 224 teachers have died of mesothelioma.

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