New Asbestos Detector is Being Developed

New Asbestos Detector is Being Developed

One of the most important factors when dealing with asbestos is time. Since there is a good chance the asbestos has been around for a while, if it is present then it needs to be dealt with as soon as possible. This is why one of the most frustrating parts of the asbestos process for us at SBS Asbestos, is the testing stage.

It is not possible to recognise asbestos by sight, this is why a piece of it must be carefully removed before being sent for testing to see if there is any asbestos present. This obviously takes time, and expense.

But, a team in South Devon are working on a way to detect asbestos on site, with a new piece of technology.

They call the device Asbestos ALERT, which stands for Asbestos Locating Equipment in Real Time. It works by distinguishing asbestos and non-asbestos fibres by measuring both the laser light scattering and magnetic properties of individual respirable particles.

Asbestos is responsible for roughly 100,000 deaths worldwide every year, and 5,000 a year in the UK alone. 20% of that figure is made up of tradesmen.

The company, ALERT Technology Ltd, has already developed the technology for a fully functioning unit, but are crowdfunding to raise the capitol to fast track their global market launch. It is understandable that they are keen to get this product to the market as soon as possible. It could literally save countless lives.

SBS are also eager to see this product become available. As mentioned, it would save valuable time during the removal process, which could then go on to save lives. It would make the whole process so much neater and quicker, and we are keen to put it to good use.

All at SBS Asbestos will be keeping an eye on the progress of this technology.

SBS Asbestos are a full service asbestos agency. We can identify, remove and dispose of asbestos in a safe manner. We can also rebuild any structures that were damaged during the process. to find out more just give us a call on 0800 211 8346.


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