Death of a Woman Linked to her Husband’s Overalls

Death of a Woman Linked to her Husband’s Overalls

At SBS Asbestos we often speak about the dangers of Asbestos. If we were to write about each of the deaths we come across we wouldn’t have time for much else. However, a recent case that was brought to our attention perfectly highlighted the insidious nature of asbestos, and how it can permeate and affect the lives of all that come into contact with it. However tenuous that contact may be.

Mr Ridley worked at various power plants in his working life, however he started his career in the coal-fired Brimsdown power station and worked there until it closed in 1974. Part of his role involved him using asbestos to lag pipes.

Mr Ridley died of cancer in 2011, though it is believed that his cancer was not caused by his exposure to asbestos.

However, in September this year his wife died of mesothelioma, an aggressive form of lung cancer which is caused by exposure to asbestos.

It is believed she contracted the disease from years of washing her husband’s overalls, which were obviously covered in asbestos fibres.

She was only diagnosed with mesothelioma in July this year. The cancer is so fast acting, and aggressive that she died in September. Before she died she spoke to lawyers and told them of her exposure to asbestos via her husband’s clothes. She asked if there was anything that could have been done to prevent her husband from being exposed to so much asbestos.

Now, the lawyers are looking for anyone who may have worked at the plant and were exposed to asbestos in order to potentially bring a case seeking compensation forward.

The nature of asbestos and it’s far reaching implications are perfectly demonstrated in this one case. It proves that this material should always be handled with the upmost respect, following pre-set health and safety procedures. It may not even be you that is affected by it, but someone you love.

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