UK to Have its First Demolition Degree

UK to Have its First Demolition Degree

Demolition is a huge industry in the UK and works on more than £8billion worth of projects each year. In a developed country where land is scarce, like the UK, demolition plays a huge part in the construction industry.

However, it is only now that an official degree is being offered in this field. The Institute of Demolition Engineers (IDE) has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the University of Wolverhampton that will enable 100 people per year to enrol in a Bachelor of Science or Master of Science and Restoration Management in the Built Environment degree.

It is also hoped that the degree, and the prestige that comes with it, will reconcile some of the differences that the demolition industry has with the construction industry.

There will be 15 modules in total, one of which is dedicated entirely the removal and safe handling of asbestos.

This is obviously the module that SBS asbestos has the most interest in. Though there are professional qualifications that can be undertaken which allow the handling, removal and disposal of asbestos, there is currently nothing like a degree which can be awarded to engineers.

Also, teaching this module alongside demolition will lend a unique perspective to the nature of this material, and the role it has played in construction. Ideally this will translate to better processes and further developments in this field, which in turn will go on to improve the lives of people who are still being affected by this toxic material.

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