Is There a Crisis of Asbestos in Schools?

Is There a Crisis of Asbestos in Schools?

All at SBS Asbestos keep an eye on the news for asbestos related stories. They are a chance for us to learn and remind ourselves of the nature of this material. Recently we have noticed a trend in the amount of schools that are announcing that they have asbestos within them.

In Kent, after a freedom of information request was made, it was revealed that 346 schools had asbestos present in them. This includes all kinds of schools from primary, right through to sixth forms and special needs schools.

So far Kent County Council have paid out £842,958 in compensation.

A few weeks ago we wrote an article that revealed over 200 schools in Derbyshire have asbestos in them with compensation totalling over £400,000.

In September of this year it was found that over half of schools in Liverpool could potentially have asbestos in them. There are also 39 schools in Croydon which have announced that asbestos may be present.

The reason that so many schools are declaring that there may be asbestos present is due to a growing number of people submitting freedom of information requests. As awareness of asbestos and the damage it can cause is growing more and more people are trying to find out where this material may be present.

Asbestos is found in schools for a simple reason. Asbestos was used extensively in buildings between 1950 and 2000. During this time there was a huge increase in the population of the UK, this meant that new schools had to be built in order to educate this increased population. Also, a lot of Victorian era buildings were coming to the end of their lives, and were being replaced by more modern buildings.

Asbestos can also be found in a huge number of industrial buildings, due to its fantastic practical properties.

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