April 2014 To April 2015 – 52 Weeks


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Client:Batley Girls High School Academy
Project,April 2014 To April 2015 – 52 Weeks

In April 2015 SBS Asbestos completed a 52 week project, won by competitive tender, to re-roof Batley Girls’ School.

A team of twelve roofers and two labourers took to replacing the existing flat roof coverings of the school which were old and failing. They used a Garland Built up felt roofing system with a 20 year warranty to install over 4000 square meters of new flat roofing, along with new roof lights, glazing and lantern light quad infill. The team also undertook a full asbestos survey and removal to ensure the safety of the school.

As with any work undertaken at a school, the main challenge was completing the re-roofing with minimal disruption to the school, its staff and pupils. Careful planning, programming and liaison allowed the team to do just that and the response from the school has been overwhelmingly positive. SBS have been selected to tender for the next phase of work at the school.

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