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Client:Harrogate Nightclub
Project,Asbestos Removal Works

The team at SBS Asbestos recently completed a project at a nightclub in Harrogate. Since the discovery of asbestos the club had remained closed and deemed not safe for use until a full removal had taken place.

After being contacted by the nightclub owner, six team members from SBS undertook work to completely strip the club of asbestos and repair the area, as well as using the decontamination unit to safely remove the hazardous materials. The removal was not without its challenges. Due to the main access to the nightclub being on the first level, all the asbestos had to be carried through the building. This meant the team had to lay down designated pathways throughout the building. Plus, with only artificial lighting available at all times, the team had to work especially carefully.

The one-off job was successfully and efficiently completed to the delight of the nightclub owner who is now able to open his venue again.

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