Kings Drive, Wembley London – October 2015 to March 2016


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Client:Wates Living space / Brent Housing
Project,Kings Drive, Wembley London – October 2015 to March 2016

SBS Asbestos recently completed a five-month project for Wates Living Space/Brent Housing.

The client required a re-roofing and roofline project in Kings Drive in Wembley, London, to bring the properties up to standard. After being recommended, SBS won the order from a shortlist, and a team of fourteen roofers, four roofline joiners and two labourers began work on the pitched roof replacement, roofline and RWG’s. The team also worked to increase the insulation of all properties.

Other schemes and projects with Wates Living Space/Brent Housing are to commence in 2016.

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