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Is There a Crisis of Asbestos in Schools?

All at SBS Asbestos keep an eye on the news for asbestos related stories. They are a chance for us to learn and remind ourselves of the nature of this material. Recently we have noticed a trend in the amount of schools that are announcing that they have asbestos within them.

In Kent, after a freedom of information request was made, it was revealed that 346 schools had asbestos present in them. This includes all kinds of schools from primary, right through to sixth forms and special needs schools.

So far Kent County Council have paid out £842,958 in compensation.

A few weeks ago we wrote an article that revealed over 200 schools in Derbyshire have asbestos in them with compensation totalling over £400,000.

In September of this year it was found that over half of schools in Liverpool could potentially have asbestos in them. There are also 39 schools in Croydon which have announced that asbestos may be present.

The reason that so many schools are declaring that there may be asbestos present is due to a growing number of people submitting freedom of information requests. As awareness of asbestos and the damage it can cause is growing more and more people are trying to find out where this material may be present.

Asbestos is found in schools for a simple reason. Asbestos was used extensively in buildings between 1950 and 2000. During this time there was a huge increase in the population of the UK, this meant that new schools had to be built in order to educate this increased population. Also, a lot of Victorian era buildings were coming to the end of their lives, and were being replaced by more modern buildings.

Asbestos can also be found in a huge number of industrial buildings, due to its fantastic practical properties.

SBS Asbestos offer a complete range of asbestos services, from asbestos surveys, to asbestos removal and disposal and the rebuilding of any damaged structures. To find out more about the services we provide just call us on 0800 211 8346.

UK to Have its First Demolition Degree

Demolition is a huge industry in the UK and works on more than £8billion worth of projects each year. In a developed country where land is scarce, like the UK, demolition plays a huge part in the construction industry.

However, it is only now that an official degree is being offered in this field. The Institute of Demolition Engineers (IDE) has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the University of Wolverhampton that will enable 100 people per year to enrol in a Bachelor of Science or Master of Science and Restoration Management in the Built Environment degree.

It is also hoped that the degree, and the prestige that comes with it, will reconcile some of the differences that the demolition industry has with the construction industry.

There will be 15 modules in total, one of which is dedicated entirely the removal and safe handling of asbestos.

This is obviously the module that SBS asbestos has the most interest in. Though there are professional qualifications that can be undertaken which allow the handling, removal and disposal of asbestos, there is currently nothing like a degree which can be awarded to engineers.

Also, teaching this module alongside demolition will lend a unique perspective to the nature of this material, and the role it has played in construction. Ideally this will translate to better processes and further developments in this field, which in turn will go on to improve the lives of people who are still being affected by this toxic material.

SBS Asbestos are a full service asbestos agency based in Yorkshire. We are one of the few companies that offers a full asbestos service, from the safe removal and disposal of asbestos, to the reinstatement of any damaged structures.

To find out more about our services just give us a call on 0800 211 8346.

Who are SBS Asbestos?

SBS Asbestos is part of the SBS Group. The SBS Group contains many trades, such as roofing, construction and maintenance. We decided to establish SBS asbestos when we realised we had the skills needed to provide a complete asbestos service, from the initial survey, right through to the re-building of any damaged structures.

Though SBS asbestos is a new company, we were founded in 2015, we were done so with years of experience behind us. We were founded by Neil Denning and Phil Redfearn, two professionals with wide ranging qualifications and experience that lends itself perfectly to asbestos removal.

Neil has been a chartered health and safety professional for over 12 years, and is a qualified asbestos surveyor. These two qualifications and skills combined gives him a unique view into asbestos surveying and removal.

Phil has worked in the construction industry for over 25 years. He specialises in all forms of roofing and asbestos removal. These two skills work perfectly together as the roof is one of the most common places to find asbestos. He has owned his own construction business for over 10 years and holds the highest professional qualifications and holds city and guilds in all roofing disciplines.

SBS asbestos was born through frustration. Both Neil and Phil were tired of dealing with asbestos companies who over promised and under delivered. The work was never carried out timely enough, or to a good enough standard. Also, it was frustrating having to deal with a number of sub-contractors. It was always one person doing the survey, another removing the asbestos, then another re-building the structure after the removal had taken place.

Therefore Phil and Neil teamed up to go on and create SBS Asbestos, a full service asbestos company. Now, one company can take care of the entire process, from survey, to removal, disposal and finally reinstatement.

If you would like to learn more about SBS Asbestos, or any of our services then just give us a call on 0800 211 8346.

Number of People Being Diagnosed with Mesothelioma on the Rise.

Despite the constant efforts of organisations like SBS Asbestos, the number of people being diagnosed with mesothelioma is actually on the rise.

Asbestos Action Tayside is a charity dedicated to assisting sufferers of asbestos related illnesses. They have noticed recently that there has been an increase in the amount of people being diagnosed with mesothelioma. Which is the complete opposite to what they predicted would be happening at this point in time.

It was expected that the peak number of diagnoses for mesothelioma would have been 2016. This means that the year we started to ‘win’ against this illness, and the number of people diagnosed would start to decline from this point onwards. However, due to a continued upward trend of diagnoses the peak year has now been pushed back to 2020.

Worryingly, the charity cannot see a clear cut reason for this continued increase. They suspect it may be to do with the large amount of trades people who worked with asbestos in the 60’s and 70’s who are starting to show symptoms. Although there is nothing but anecdotal evidence corroborating this.

Between September 2015 to August 2016 210 people were referred to the charity group, of this number 62 people received a terminal diagnoses. This is up from 34 of 163 people in the same time period the year before.

We don’t need to repeat the dangers of asbestos, and how it ruins lives every single day. Instead we will continue to do our job at SBS asbestos and work on removing this terrible materiel from every site we find it.

To find out more about our services simply call us on 0800 211 8346.

Derbyshire Council Paying Out Huge Amounts for Cancer Compensation

There are currently hundreds of schools in Derbyshire which may have asbestos in them. And after a freedom of information request got the details of all possible locations of asbestos, staff and pupils are being encouraged to look at the locations, and come forward with any potential compensation claims they might have.

This push is being supported by The Derbyshire Asbestos Support Team, who were originally established in order to provide support by those affected by mesothelioma and asbestosis in the Derbyshire area.

They noticed an increase in the amount of teachers, teaching staff and pupils in the area who started to suffer from these terrible illnesses. It was around this time that a freedom of information request was submitted to the council. The request sought the release of possible locations of asbestos in schools in the area.

The list revealed more than 200 schools that could have asbestos in them.

The council has recently had to settle claims for compensation with now total over £400,000. There are several cases still outstanding, so this number is set to increase.

Coordinator Joanne Gordon said: “It’s a shocking amount of money to be paid out but it’s the right thing to happen.

“We are seeing more and more teachers and school staff who have been diagnosed with mesothelioma and we are launching a project to raise awareness of asbestos in schools.”

The Derbyshire Asbestos Support Team have added a new section to their website which informs people of the most likely place asbestos will be found in the school. They are also encouraging anyone who feels they may have been exposed to asbestos to go to their GP for an MRI scan.

Here at SBS we think that this is a fantastic initiative. Due to how widely asbestos was used in the 50 or so years it was legal it can crop up anywhere, including schools and even hospitals. By spreading the knowledge of asbestos as widely and quickly as possible we can prevent as many people from becoming ill as possible.

To find out more about any of the services SBS provides, simply call us on 0800 211 8346.


Death of a Woman Linked to her Husband’s Overalls

At SBS Asbestos we often speak about the dangers of Asbestos. If we were to write about each of the deaths we come across we wouldn’t have time for much else. However, a recent case that was brought to our attention perfectly highlighted the insidious nature of asbestos, and how it can permeate and affect the lives of all that come into contact with it. However tenuous that contact may be.

Mr Ridley worked at various power plants in his working life, however he started his career in the coal-fired Brimsdown power station and worked there until it closed in 1974. Part of his role involved him using asbestos to lag pipes.

Mr Ridley died of cancer in 2011, though it is believed that his cancer was not caused by his exposure to asbestos.

However, in September this year his wife died of mesothelioma, an aggressive form of lung cancer which is caused by exposure to asbestos.

It is believed she contracted the disease from years of washing her husband’s overalls, which were obviously covered in asbestos fibres.

She was only diagnosed with mesothelioma in July this year. The cancer is so fast acting, and aggressive that she died in September. Before she died she spoke to lawyers and told them of her exposure to asbestos via her husband’s clothes. She asked if there was anything that could have been done to prevent her husband from being exposed to so much asbestos.

Now, the lawyers are looking for anyone who may have worked at the plant and were exposed to asbestos in order to potentially bring a case seeking compensation forward.

The nature of asbestos and it’s far reaching implications are perfectly demonstrated in this one case. It proves that this material should always be handled with the upmost respect, following pre-set health and safety procedures. It may not even be you that is affected by it, but someone you love.

SBS Asbestos are a fully service asbestos removal company. We can take of everything from identification, removal, disposal and reinstatement. To find out more just call us on 0800 211 8346.

New Asbestos Detector is Being Developed

One of the most important factors when dealing with asbestos is time. Since there is a good chance the asbestos has been around for a while, if it is present then it needs to be dealt with as soon as possible. This is why one of the most frustrating parts of the asbestos process for us at SBS Asbestos, is the testing stage.

It is not possible to recognise asbestos by sight, this is why a piece of it must be carefully removed before being sent for testing to see if there is any asbestos present. This obviously takes time, and expense.

But, a team in South Devon are working on a way to detect asbestos on site, with a new piece of technology.

They call the device Asbestos ALERT, which stands for Asbestos Locating Equipment in Real Time. It works by distinguishing asbestos and non-asbestos fibres by measuring both the laser light scattering and magnetic properties of individual respirable particles.

Asbestos is responsible for roughly 100,000 deaths worldwide every year, and 5,000 a year in the UK alone. 20% of that figure is made up of tradesmen.

The company, ALERT Technology Ltd, has already developed the technology for a fully functioning unit, but are crowdfunding to raise the capitol to fast track their global market launch. It is understandable that they are keen to get this product to the market as soon as possible. It could literally save countless lives.

SBS are also eager to see this product become available. As mentioned, it would save valuable time during the removal process, which could then go on to save lives. It would make the whole process so much neater and quicker, and we are keen to put it to good use.

All at SBS Asbestos will be keeping an eye on the progress of this technology.

SBS Asbestos are a full service asbestos agency. We can identify, remove and dispose of asbestos in a safe manner. We can also rebuild any structures that were damaged during the process. to find out more just give us a call on 0800 211 8346.


New Drug Being Trialled Could Cure Asbestos Related Cancers

Glasgow has a long and proud history of industry, in particular with ship building. One company alone built more than 1500 ships in the years between 1844 and 1963. However, with this incredible feat came terrible costs, as when asbestos was discovered the ship builders used it prolifically.

Because of this a huge number of dockworkers, ship builders and people in the surrounding areas have gone on to develop mesothelioma, a lung cancer which is typically caused by exposure to asbestos.

This is part of the reason a new combination of drugs, which could potentially aid those with mesothelioma, non-small cell lung and pancreatic cancers, is being trialled in Glasgow.

The trial is a joint effort between Cancer Research UK and drugs companies MSD and Verastem. Drug companies rarely work together, but in this case each company’s drug works in perfect partnership with the other, so taking them together will hopefully produce some positive results.

Asbestos related illnesses are still extremely prolific in this country, despite the material being banned in the year 2000. This is why companies like SBS Asbestos have dedicated theirselves to the safe removal and disposal of these extremely hazardous substance.

SBS Asbestos were established in 2015 by Health and Safety Professional Neil Denning and Phil Redfearn who has worked in the construction industry for 25 years. Between the two of them they had the necessary skills to provide a full range of asbestos services. Including safe removal, disposal and reinstatement.

To find out more about our services just call us on 0800 211 8346.

How to Spot Asbestos in Your Home

Before we start the article, we have to mention that if you believe you have asbestos in your home it is massively important that you DO NOT DISTURB IT. Asbestos is extremely hazardous to health and it can easily cause major illnesses. This article is about how to find and locate asbestos. If you do find some it is vital you do not tamper with it at all. Instead, call a professional like SBS asbestos.

This is an odd article to write, as unfortunately it is not as clear cut as ‘this is what asbestos looks like’. So we cannot directly advice you on how to spot it by eye. What we can tell you is where it is likely to be, and what actions to take from then on.

Asbestos was widely used as a building material from the 50’s, right up to as recently as 1999, when its use was outlawed. It was mainly used due to its fantastic insulation properties and because it also provided a good amount of fire resistance. Because of its usability it was used widely in both domestic and commercial properties. It can literally be found anywhere.

The main places you will find it in your home are:

  • Eaves gutters and rainwater pipes
  • Garage and shed roofs
  • Linings for walls, ceilings and doors
  • Loose asbestos packing between floors and in patrician walls
  • Floor tiles
  • Central heating flues
  • Insulation panels in storage heaters
  • Bath panels
  • Fire blankets

If you are worried about having asbestos in your home it is vital you call a professional service like SBS. This is because it cannot be identified by sight alone. Samples need to be taken and sent off for analysis. The extraction of these samples has be done very carefully, as it is procedures like this that release the asbestos fibres into the air and it is the fibres that are hazardous.

SBS are a full service asbestos company. This means that we can come to your home or business, carry out a survey, remove any asbestos present, dispose it and then reinstate any structures that were damaged during the process.

If you are in need of any of our services then just give us a call on 0800 211 8346.

SBS Offer Reinstatement

The dangers of asbestos have been well documented, so there is no need to go over them in this post. Just in case you were unaware though, asbestos = bad.

That is why many organisations have sprung up around the removal and disposal of asbestos. Including SBS, based in Yorkshire. However we differ greatly from most other asbestos companies as we also offer reinstatement.

Reinstatement is the re-installation of any structures we have had to bring down when removing the offending asbestos. This can be anything from walls, to roofs, cladding, plumbing and electrics.

In typical circumstances you would have to bring in contractors to carry out each of the individual tasks themselves. This, as you can probably imagine, can end up costing a lot of money and is a major inconvenience.

However, at SBS we have heavily invested time and expense into our engineers. Because of this they are skilled across multiple trades, obviously including the safe removal and disposal of asbestos.

Because of this we are able to provide the following reinstatement services:

  • Roofing – SBS have a full team of roofers ready to re-build your roof after we have removed any offending asbestos.
  • Cladding – our engineers are more than capable of reinstalling any cladding that was damaged or removed during the process of asbestos removal.
  • Plumbing – SBS work with a few trusted plumbers who we rely on to do any plumbing work that may need to be carried out.
  • Ceilings – ceilings are one of the most common parts of a property that is damaged during asbestos removal. Therefore the tradesmen we use are well practiced at the reinstallation of your ceilings.
  • Associated Electrical Works – modern houses have electric cables running through their entirety. Therefore any kind of invasive work will undoubtedly involve electrics in some way.

This is what sets SBS Asbestos apart from other asbestos removal companies in the Yorkshire area. We can offer a complete service from start to finish, for any and all work that may need carrying out. From the initial survey to the re-instalment of any damaged structures. This will not only save you money, but also time.

To find out more about our services, just call us on 0800 211 8346.

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